Investment Approach


One Equity Partners develops differentiated investment themes using our unique IRON investment process. The result is proprietary investment ideas that are not dependent on company sales or auctions. We patiently develop and pursue investment themes, often for 12 to 24 months or longer, before completing transactions.

Our commitment to pursuing the right transaction and nurturing valuable partnerships with business owners leads us to build market-leading companies that have strong appeal to strategic buyers. Nearly 75% of the middle market companies we have sold were purchased by strategic buyers who recognized them as must-own assets.


The IRON Investment Process is the cycle through which One Equity Partners develops and refines investment themes.

Industry Expertise

Our industry sector experts develop investment themes focused on acquiring attractive and scalable businesses that can benefit from transformative combinations. Our deal team and operations professionals work together closely to actively manage the transformation process.

Research Investment Theme

With a focus on identifying synergies and the potential for transformative combinations, we develop investment themes, create analytics, and conduct thorough research.

Operation Experience

Our operations professionals provide feedback on investment themes and identify growth opportunities. They also surface challenges that may limit the potential of target companies.


Our industry experts network with the customers, suppliers and competitors of target companies to identify specific opportunities and better understand the objectives of strategic buyers.