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MAUSER merges with Mamor S.p.A.

Mauser to Expand IBC Container Business Merger with Mamor S.p.A. in Fast-growing Segment

BRÜHL: Mauser-Werke GmbH & Co KG plans to merge with the world's second-largest manufacturer in the rapidly growing IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) segment, Mamor S.p.A. in Italy. An agreement has now been signed in Milan with Mamor's owners, the Maschio family.

The merger is still pending approval by the German Federal Cartel Office.

The Mauser-Group (1,300 employees, 320 million euros turnover in 2003) specializes in industrial packaging and is owned by American financial investor One Equity Partners (OEP). The company's strongest performers are plastic and metal packaging products; other divisions include machinery and container systems. Mauser got off to a relatively late start in the IBC business, so the current merger will now allow the company to significantly increase its capacity in this swiftly expanding market. This step strengthens Mauser's position in the long term as a leading reliable supplier of industrial packaging.

Mamor S.p.A. is a highly respected packaging specialist with plants in Italy, Germany, France and the USA. Mamor's 300 employees achieved a turnover of approximately 100 million euros in 2003. The family owners will continue to be involved in the new company. The merger of Mauser and Mamor improves worldwide market access to industrial packaging products supplied by a new corporate group dedicated to increasing internationalization, innovation, customer orientation and flexible response to market demands. Both companies view the merger as the ideal way to complement their respective strengths.

The owner and financial investor OEP is a subsidiary of the former Bank One in America, which recently merged with JP Morgan.